Entrance to the postgraduate school

State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation Joint-Stock Company “Scientific and Production Association “Orion” (JSC “SPA “Orion”) enlists as of August 07, 2017 to the scientific and pedagogical staff training courses in the postgraduate school of JSC “SPA “Orion” under the following specialties:

11.06.01 – Electronics, radio engineering and communication systems (specialty 05.27.01 Solid state electronics, radio-electronic components, micro- and nano-electronics, and quantum effect devices);

12.06.01 - Photonics, instrument engineering, optical and biotechnical systems and technologies (specialty 05.11.07 Optical and optical-electronic devices and complexes).

Persons – citizens of the Russian Feder

ation, who have higher professional education confirmed by a specialist or master's diploma are entered on a competitive basis. Training is full and part time.