Optical elements

Photodetector FUO-119 based on a silicon avalanche photodiode

Art: FUO-119

Designed to work as part of laser rangefinders to receive pulsed radiation, generates output pulses in transistor-transistor logic (TTL).

Matrix photodetector module FEM16M-01 based on the cooled matrix of InSb photodiodes

Art: FEM16M-01

Designed for integration into «looking» thermal imaging systems for a spectral band of 3-5 μm.

Matrix photodetector FUK23M-01

Art: FUK23M-01

Designed to work in the ultraviolet band of 0.26-0.28 μm in sun-blind (SB) photodetectors.

Photoelectronic module FEM24M

Art: FEM24M

Designed to work in the band of 0.9-1.7 μm.

Multi-element Gray-coded germanium photodiode FD246AM

Art: FD246AM

The photodiode is designed to detect radiation in 0.8-1.6 μm spectral band.