Optical elements

Multi-element Gray-coded germanium photodiode FD246BM

Art: FD246BM

The photodiode is designed to detect radiation in 0.8-1.6 μm spectral band.

2-element silicon photodiode FD296M.1

Art: FD296M.1

Designed for control and orientation systems.

Matrix photodetector FUK23M

Art: FUK23M

Designed to work in the ultraviolet band of 0.29-0.34 μm in visible-blind (VB) photodetectors.

Silicon p-i-n photodiode FD-252

Art: FD-252

Designed for use in fiber-optic communication lines as a optical detector.

Matrix photodetector module FEM28M

Art: FEM28M

Designed to work in optoelectronic systems of 3D IR-imaging (coordinates of image points and range).