Silicon p-i-n photodiode FD342-02 Group A

Артикул: FD342-02 Group A

The photodiode is designed for use as a highly sensitive fast-response infrared photodetector as part of various-purpose optoelectronic equipment.


The photodiode consists of a high-resistivity silicon plate with a p-i-n structure located in a metal housing with glass-to-metal terminals and a flat input window

Technical characteristics

Property Value
Number of photosensitive elements (PSE) 1
PSE diameter, mm 14
Spectral sensitivity band, μm 0.4 – 1.1
Current monochromatic sensitivity at a wavelength of 0.9 μm, A/W, minimum 0.35
Dark current, μA, maximum 7
Photodiode capacitance, pF, maximum 150
Operating voltage, V 20
Pulse duration, ns 100