Joint-Stock Company Scientific and Production Association “Orion”

Thousands of new products were developed and manufactured: optoelectronic converters, night vision devices, photoreceivers and photodetectors, thermal imaging devices, IR lasers and other devices and instruments.

Our advantages


Organization of scientific and technical conferences, seminars concerning the issues of theoretical and applied electronic optics.


Training of highly skilled personnel at the departments of universities of radio engineering, electronics and automation.


Works were marked by the Stalin, Lenin, State Prizes, the USSR and the Russian Federation Government Awards.


Development and manufacturing of microphotoelectronic products for equipping optoelectronic systems and complexes.

About our company

JSC “SPA “Orion” designs and manufactures photoreceivers, photodetectors and modules in the UV to far IR band based on semi-conducting materials and compounds, both single- and multi-element, non-cooled, with thermal electrical coolers and microcryogenic machines for wide use, including space and air engineering systems.

JSC “SPA “Orion” carries out fundamental and applied researches to create radiation receivers within a range of 0.2 to 16 µm, IR technology, microphotoelectronic and thermal imaging devices and systems.

Consumers of JSC “SPA “Orion” are manufacturers of thermal imaging equipment, systems and complexes for various fields of activity: manufacture, power engineering, construction, medicine, transport, space, criminalistics, agriculture, security and safety, oil and gas industry, housing and utilities infrastructure and others.

We design devices, which comply with special requirements of individual consumers and adapt standard devices to specific requirements of our clients.

Research and design results are demonstrated on regular basis at scientific conferences and are published in the leading domestic and foreign scientific and technical magazines. In addition, JSC “SPA “Orion” is the founder of Applied Physics Success magazine and co-founder of Applied Physics magazine.