JSC “SPA “Orion”

The company was assigned the status of the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation by the Resolution of the Russian Federation Government No. 649 dated June 5, 1994. The status was confirmed by the resolutions of the Russian Federation Government many times. The RF SSC of JSC “SPA “Orion” is the only State Scientific Center in the photoelectronics field in Russia.

The RF SSC of JSC “SPA “Orion” is the leading organization of the Russian Federation in the field of photoelectronics development related to the priority directions of the science, technologies and equipment development in the Russian Federation approved by the Decree of the Russian Federation President dated July 7, 2011 No. 899:

  • Information and telecommunication systems;
  • Critical technologies in the Russian Federation:
  • Technologies for creating electronic component base and energy efficient lighting devices;
  • Technologies for receiving and processing functional nanomaterials;
  • Technologies for nanomaterial and nanodevice diagnostics;

Optical science and optoelectronic systems (OES) of various purposes, using photoelectronic element base must be critical for bringing Russia to a qualitatively new innovation level, which defines the importance of missions and targets facing the RF SSC of JSC “SPA “Orion”.

The Association is composed of the scientific and engineering centers that implement the entire range of works, from fundamental to applied researches under the most urgent directions of up-to-date photoelectronics and experimental-production base, which ensure the creation of photodetectors and photoreceivers, microelectronic circuits for picking up, amplifying and processing photosignals, and feed semiconductor materials.

The scientific and production divisions of the SSC are equipped with unique process and metrological equipment; works for the organization of new item issue reconstruction of the existing production of photoreceivers and photoelectronic modules, special process lines, as well as retrofitting. New production areas with ultra-clean rooms have been arranged at a level of the global standards.

All the types of high technologies are represented at the company, namely microelectronic, vacuum, diffusion, ion-plasma, electron-beam, laser and other technologies and this ensures the performance of researches, developments and issue of items at a level of the best global achievements.

The RF SSC of JSC “SPA “Orion” develops and manufactures a wide range photoelectronic items to equip optoelectronic devices of special and civil purpose; laser communication and ranging systems; surveillance, navigation and distance measurement systems in the interests of science, production, medicine and space industries.

The activity of the Russian Federation State Scientific Center of JSC “SPA “Orion” is carried out in accordance with the Medium Term Program (2011–2014) as per the priority directions of improvement and process development of economy in Russia, priority directions of development of fundamental and applied scientific researches, technologies and equipment in the Russian Federation and list of critical technologies in the Russian Federation. The Program has been developed on the basis of the existing “Strategic Program for Innovation Development of JSC “SPA “Orion” for the period until 2020”.