Joint-Stock Company Scientific and Production Association “Orion”

Joint-Stock Company “Scientific and Production Association “Orion” (JSC “SPA “Orion”) was founded in 1946 upon the initiative of S. I. Vavilov, Academician, President of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Since 1994, it is the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation, the only one in the field of solid-state photoelectronics. In the period of its activity, JSC “SPA “Orion” has designed and manufactured thousands of new item types: optoelectronic converters, night vision devices, photoreceivers and photodetectors, thermal imaging devices, IR lasers, electron-beam and ion-plasma equipment, electronic microscopes, special calculators and other devices and units.

Today JSC “SPA “Orion” majors in the design and manufacture of microphotoelectronic items for optoelectronic systems and complexes in the interests of science, manufacture, space and other industries. The main directions of activity are photoreceivers, photodetectors, including second and third generation photoelectronic modules operated in UV to far IR band, based on photosensitive semi-conducting materials (Si, Ge, CdHgTe, InSb, InGaAs, GaP, AlGaN, PbSe, and PbS) and microelectronic circuits fro picking up and processing photosignals, which are also cooled to cryogenic temperatures. All the high-tech types are represented at JSC “SPA “Orion”: microelectronic, ion-plasma, electron-beam, vacuum, laser, molecular-beam, microcryogenic and many others, which ensure carrying out researches, design and manufacture of items at the best global achievement level.

JSC “SPA “Orion” together with the Higher Education Institutions trains highly skilled staff at the basic departments of Moscow State Technical University of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), National Research University “Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology”, as well as the postgraduate school and educational and production center of the company.

JSC “SPA “Orion” carries out an active scientific activity, holds the International Scientific and technical Conference and Exhibition on Photoelectronics and Night Vision Devices, All-Russian Seminar on the problems in theoretical and applied electronic optics; it is the founder and publisher of Applied Physics Success scientific and technical magazine.

The papers of JSC “SPA “Orion” won Stalin's, Lenin's, state prizes, USSR and Russian Government prizes; 48 employees of the company are the laureates. The activity, devices and designs of JSC “SPA “Orion” won the medals, special prizes and diplomas of the international scientific societies, symposia, exhibitions and innovation saloons in Russia, USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, China, South Korea and Columbia.