The youth policy is a part of the company's staff and social policy, which represents a system of priorities and measures aimed at the creation of conditions for the professional growth and increased public activity of young scientists and specialists, consolidation of their efforts in solving urgent scientific and production objectives, development of the innovation activity of young scientists and specialists, assurance of their involvement, reinforcement of their social protection, preservation and development of the company's potential, assurance of experience continuity, professional growth and social protection of the youth.

Below are the top-priority goals of the youth policy:

  • attracting the youth to the company, which assumes as follows: training specialists at the basic departments of Moscow Higher Education Institutions (MIREA, MPEI, and MIET), entering into agreements on scientific and technical cooperation with specialized Higher Education Institutions,undergraduate training for students of specialized Higher Education Institutions and colleges at the company, contacting with specialized Higher Education Institutions and colleges for recruitment;
  • adapting young specialists in the structural divisions;
  • creating favorable conditions to keep the youth at the company;
  • promoting the education and increasing the level of the young employees' professional training on the basis of the company's educational and production (resource) center;
  • developing the mentoring to preserve the staff continuity;
  • creating conditions for the implementation of the scientific and technical, and creative potential, promoting the innovation activity. Organizing the work of the postgraduate school to train specialists under the top-priority directions of the company's activity;
  • enhancing the youth role in production process;
  • improving the material level of life and solving social problems of young employees;
  • developing the youth initiative and public activity;
  • educating the active life position, civic consciousness and patriotism;
  • facilitating the work of the Young Specialist and Scientist Board, and Youth Commission of the Trade Union;
  • holding scientific and practical conferences of young specialists and scientists and other special events;
  • assisting young scientists in their participation in all-Russian seminars, international scientific and technical conferences, and Science Festival in Moscow;
  • popularizing the healthy lifestyle;
  • organizing cultural and leisure activities for the youth